This Is Fly Magazine – June 2015 – “Pursuing Esox”

We are so grateful to have our article “Pursuing Esox” featured in this month’s online issue of This Is Fly Magazine! Jeff Brennan wrote the words and I took the photos! A huge thanks to everyone who helped make this project (the article and the documentary) possible! You all know who you are: Katie Blizzard, Brian Bergeson, Jon Bukowski, Kevin Ramirez, Brian Cadoret, Charlie Gordon, David Hegburg, Adam Silvis, Mike Ball, and Justin Damude! The list goes on and on and on, with too many to remember!

Check it out here:

Smallmouth On The Fly

Smallie On The Fly

Smallie On The Fly Caught By Katie Blizzard

Smallie On The Fly

Smallie On The Fly Caught By Austin Green

We are having a great season of smallmouth bass fishing! Katie Blizzard and I have been tearing of the smallies since late-April and we are continuing to catch them extremely consistently. A lot of the bass are on the smaller side, but we are also landing some hogs! The bass are extremely eager to take black wholly buggers, bucktail minnows, and Pat Cohen’s Fat Head Deceivers. While fishing deeper holes, a good sinking line is a must. Otherwise, fat-shooting head bass floating lines are the way to go. A good, short 6 weight is our go-to. We use FlyStik’s and CLAs from Ross–paired with Sage or Airflo Bass Taper fly lines.

-Austin Green

Jaybo Art’s “Pursuing Esox” Logo For “F3T to Benefit CCA MD” Cut


Very excited to have Jaybo Art producing the logo for our documentary “Pursuing Esox!” A very polished first draft will appear in a cut of the documentary created for the Fly Fishing Film Tour (F3T) to Benefit CCA Maryland in Annapolis, MD tomorrow evening! 

Check out all of his work at!

Pickerel On The Fly!

Pickerel Are Heating Up!

Pickerel Are Heating Up! 

The pickerel season is heating up! May is the month, so grab your 6wt and head to your local pickerel waters. Katie Blizzard landed this beautiful fish on a Stryker’s Custom Flies buck-tail minnow. The Pickerel have been slamming buck-tail flies in color variations of white, white & tan, light brown & tan, chartreuse & white, and chartreuse & orange. Be sure to use a short length of bite tippet (we prefer 20 pound fluorocarbon) to avoid breaking off. Their teeth are very sharp, so avoid putting your finger in their mouth and behind their gill plates. Be sure to remove all of your flies with pliers, and de-barb all of your hooks ahead of time to make this process easier–and to protect the health of the fish and the people on your boat.

-Austin Green

Sight-fishing For Carp – The Uncommon Angler Guide Service

Sight-fishing For Carp – The Uncommon Angler Guide Service

The Uncommon Angler Guide Service

Specializing in sight fishing trips for carp and float trips on local area rivers for all species. Licensed Maryland fishing guides.

Austin Green – Outdoor photographer/videographer and fly fishing guide – (410) 458-6446 –

Jeff Brennan – 2011 Graduate of Sweetwater Guide School – (410) 365-3216 –

Early season special! Only $150 when you book a four hour trip between April 18th and May 31st!

Diaries Of A Musky Addict

“Diaries Of A Musky Addict” is a teaser cut from the documentary “Pursuing Esox: Pike, Musky, and Pickerel On The Fly.” The documentary explores the cultural phenomena surrounding the world of Esox fishing on the fly–the tying, the boats, the people, and their obsessive lifestyles. “Pursuing Esox” is filmed and produced by Austin Green Weinstein (, photography and filmmaking student at the Maryland Institute College of Art ( and founder of The Uncommon Angler (

This film has been made possible through the support of Charlie Gordon – Buffalo Shoals Guide Service (, Pat Cohen – Super Fly (, Justin Damude – HIPTOTHESTRIP (, David Hegburg – Streamer Junkies (, and Ron Poehailos & John Jinishian – 3-TAND (

A special thanks to Jeff Brennan, Katie Blizzard, Ty Loomis, Jon Zukowski, Rob Lepczyk, and Morgan Kupfer for helping me organize, and execute this project!

Music: “Super Heady Spiritual Gangster,” By Soohan (From the album, “Made In Baltimore”)

We would also like to thank Flymen Fishing Company, Great Feathers Fly Shop, Tight Lined Tales of a Fly Fisherman, Keystone Fly Fishing, Rip Lips Muskie Flies and CCA Maryland.