Swingers Anonymous

Ian Doig with Brown Trout

Brown Trout
Copyright 2013. Ian Doig. All Rights Reserved.

There is nothing more glorious on this earth than a good swing through the perfect pool. Sink tips or floating lines, single or double hand rod, it doesnt matter. We all know that gut feeling that crawles over us with the perfect swing. You keep reminding yourself of just how right it feels and chances are, you find a fish on the end of that line. But its not just a fish, no its a very specific fish that finds itself on the end of a 45 degree down river cast. Streamers catch the dedicated predators. These fish are not content with the menagerie of nymphs passing by, nor the savory morsels that drift on above their head, they want meat! These are the mean fish, the ones that go out of their way to find the bigger meal. I like to think of them as the meatheads of the fish world, all roid raged up and what-not, looking for protein, and the shoulders on most of them attest to it! You throw some brightly colored punk of a fly in their face and they are all to happy to teach it some manners. To me there is nothing that can match a well tied streamer, the experience of fishing it, and the fish it attracts. Some people are dry fly pursits, others are all too content to rely on the newest split shot rigging scheme paired with a nice orange thingamabober, but not me. My name is Ian Doig, and I am a swinger.

By Ian Doig

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