I enjoy and cherish the idea of brook trout fishing; the rugged country, the simple flies, the koo-koos who frequent the creeks.

But give me a brown trout stream, with complex, dizzying hatches; an undercut on every bend, few houses, and fewer posted signs.  One snaking through a vibrant, lush, green valley; lined with rolling, tree covered hills, and wild flowers; this is where I long to be.  I wouldn’t want the river to be very wide, maybe thirty feet at most; and it doesn’t need to be a spring creek either, though I would not mind if it was.  Oh and long-haired cattle, there have to be long-haired cattle.

By W.R. Lepczyk

One thought on “3/12/13

  1. I can respect that. But you really need to come up north to see the wild brook trout country I’m talking about. It’s something to see and once I start fishing this year, I’ll post a few photos to give you an idea.

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