Up on Cripple Creek she sends me…If I spring a leak she mends me

I went fishing in the warm spring air, overcast and rainy, but none the less delightful. Within the sweet harmony of the peeper frogs, I cast a brown CDC stonefly to a beautiful fifteen-inch brown trout. He fought me ferociously, and had my four-weight doubled over—what a rush! A few days prior, I caught a fatty, fourteen-inch brown out of the same pool, on same the fly.  This little monster launched itself from the depths of this deep, dark, blue hole and chased down my fly while I was skittering it against a root-ball on the bank. I have been guiding my buddy Jim on the same stretch of river for a few weeks now, and he too, caught a large brown trout out of that same pool, on that same pattern. This time of the year, when the peeper frogs first emerge, is very calming—their chorus is my release. I love slaying big browns to the melody of the peepers, mating turkeys, and returning resident geese. I love the warm spring breeze against the skin of my face—early brown stoneflies crawling on my neck. Today it rains and soothes my soul, the warm rain makes me smile, and suddenly I can breathe again, releasing the cold scars of winter—in the rainforest of my heart…trout streams, Hemlock trees, and raindrops.

By Austin Green

3 thoughts on “Up on Cripple Creek she sends me…If I spring a leak she mends me

  1. Best days of my life lately. I couldn’t have asked for better friends to come into my life than the two guys from the uncommonangler!

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