Snakeheads On The Fly

It’s a beautiful sight to see, that is, a flats skiff hauling down I-95, nearly as north as the Mason Dixon line. We were on our way to pursue Eastern Snakeheads on the fly after a long night of partying. The idea looked good on paper: “A late night of mind altering substances, followed by a full morning of pursuing elusive predatory fish.” And from the moment of our first cast, we realized that this idea truly, and only looked good on paper. We managed to get into a whole mess of five to ten pound snakeheads, but our lack of proper hand-eye coordination left us empty handed–though it was ridiculously awesome to have a few bang on our frog and mice patterns. We just couldn’t connect. And this is why fishing is called fishing for a reason. Baby steps, it’s all a learning curve!

By Austin Green.

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