Government Shutdown: How Will Your Fishing Trips Be Affected?

According to the Wall Street Journal: “The federal government shutdown has forced the U.S. Park Service to close the country’s national park system, affecting 401 areas covering 84 million acres. Rangers closed many roads and advised most overnight campers that they have 48 hours to leave.” So what does this mean for your fishing trips to places such as Yosemite, Yellowstone, Glacier, and Sequoia National Park? It means that until further notice, you need to cancel your trips! Earlier today, our friend Justin from Bad To The Bobbin arrived at Yellowstone National Park, unaware of the government shutdown, and was denied entry to the park. He traveled all that way only to be turned away. So despite all the money you might have spent on plane tickets, hotel/camping reservations, a rental car, and fancy new gear that you have been aching to try out… you’re not dipping your line in any remote waters, in any national park, at least legally! And what might this mean for small local businesses who are dependent on the revenue from the tail end of the fall season? If the shutdown drags on, these businesses are up shit’s creek! They won’t be able to pay staff and upkeep their services (or even see any customers for that matter)! What a devastating way to end the “warm weather” season for recreating in our nation parks. What a shame! Hopefully this government shutdown will reside in time to catch the far-tail-end of fall fishing, climbing, and backpacking!

2 thoughts on “Government Shutdown: How Will Your Fishing Trips Be Affected?

  1. Yep. My wife and I are supposed to be traveling to Yosemite in 8 days. If the government doesn’t get their act together before then, and those plans fall through, we have some back-up plans that might include a day on the Truckee. It ain’t Yosemite, but it’s not a terrible fall-back either.

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