Winter Fishing Tips On The Gunpowder

The season has ended.  There was not enough of it; there never is.” – Nick Lyons

Though this is true for many fly fisherman in the northern reaches of the country, our season here in Maryland never ends.  The catch and release section of The Gunpowder river is flowing 61 cfs at the Falls road bridge and 133 cfs down stream near Glencoe. The river is fishing well.  Many browns are in post-spawn mode, meaning they are hungry from spawning and looking to eat large meals.  What this translates to are aggressive attacks on your streamer flies.  When it comes to streamer fishing, size does matter; dedicated streamer fisherman “go big or go home”, often tying on a massive, scary, seemingly uncastable flies, that is until you look at the tackle the fellow is using.  Believe it or not you can’t do every thing on an eastern trout stream with a 8′ 4 weight, for big streamers we use very stiff 9′ 5 weights or sometimes 9′ 6 weights.  This is unconventional trout fishing, so do not be afraid of sink tips, 7 inch articulated Sex Dungeons flies, and 10 pound tippet.  While fishing these large flies, be sure to fish your fly like it is alive.  Fish the structure, not just log jams, but subsurface structure as well, under-cut banks, and so on.  You may not catch a lot of fish this way, but I guarantee you will have many exciting follows and with all luck, a big brown trout with your streamer in his mouth.

-Rob Lepczyk

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