Getting Blown Out and Avoiding Polar Vortexes

I need a rum, a beer and a flight outta here.

I know where to go.  I need to go back to San Pedro.  A beer and a rum will cost me 5.00 there.

Those could be lines from a Jimmy Buffett song, but they were what I was thinking as I drove to the shop today.

In the last few years I have decided I really don’t care for cold weather.  I have also found the presence of coconut trees on the beach and ceviche on the menu to be superior to snow covered, leafless oak trees and Utz chips and onion dip.

In fact I would rather get blown out by wind and rain for a week anywhere south of Miami, than be in any kind of “polar vortex”.  I typically try to avoid vortexes when ever possible, and any vortex of the polar variety is best avoided entirely; and San Pedro is a good place to hide from a polar vortex, or anything or anyone else for that matter.

The fish and the fishing is way cooler too.  Tarpon, Permit, Bonefish, Snook, Barracuda and a side order of blue-water options.  Here, in Sparks, Maryland, I have to fish for brown trout.  Of course there are lots of bass around, but mostly in private farm ponds.  The carp are prevalent, and super awesome, but they only make me miss bonefishing; which is technically why I fish for carp to begin with.  Yea, totally screwed up right!

Now I will quote a Jimmy Buffett song, as these lines sums up how I feel at this point:

“Years grow shorter, not longer
The more you’ve been on your own
Feelings for moving grow stronger
So you wonder why you ever go home”

So all I can do now is tie Permit crabs, drink cheap Mexican beer (wishing I had Belikin)  and make my own ceviche.  Dreaming about tailing bones on turtle grass flats and ceviche made by someone who actually knows how to make it.

By Rob Lepczyk

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