Stoneflies Spotted On The Gunpowder

Finally the first winter stoneflies have been spotted on the upper Gunpowder River. This news came from a reliable source. This particular source may like fishing more than any other human being, so I trust his report. He said the flies were about size 16 and black, and he saw a quit a few.

As for fly patterns go, a black Hare’s Ear will work as a nymph imitation, and a black Stimulator will work for the adult. You can get a lot fancier than that though. Fly fisherman have a peculiar interest in stoneflies.

Fly fisherpeople love stoneflies because they cause trout to forget about the rules.

Big, fat brown trout have a set of rules about feeding safety: 1. not being seen, 2. eating super big nasty critters to avoid frequent meals, and 3. if you should ever feed at the surface, it better be at night!

Stoneflies also welcome us back to a time of year that real bugs begin to hatch, bugs that are fun to fish with, not torture, enough with this midge business.

The stoneflies will only become more and more prevalent as we progress through the year towards the spring. We will start to see bigger black ones, brown ones, giant golden stones in some smaller waters. Oh I can’t wait!

Ps. I have a very nice trout stream for sale. I have it for sale by yard lengths; waterfalls, tress and insects are sold desperately, mice and trout are included. See Trout Fishing In America for details.

By Rob Lepczyk

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