It’s Here…

This Brown Was Caught By Austin Green During The First "Warm Front" of The Year!

Copyright 2014. Austin Green Weinstein. All Rights Reserved.

That time of year is upon us again; greens turn to yellows, reds, oranges and eventually browns.  Each morning will bring birds and the frost line further south.  Deer push out their winter coats as we pull out wool sweaters, jeans and rubber boots.

Our streams fill with colorful leaves, keeping our flies from reaching the now colorful fish.  Hormones are beginning to flow through the fish like the water in the rivers, hook-jaws are devolving and bellies are getting fat with roe.

As brown trout get frisky and excited, so do we.  Though, unlike the fish, we are not in the mood for continuing our race, but seem to be more interested in slapping wooley buggers up against a half submerged log jam; taking advantage of the trouts instinct to scare off and intimidate any perceived competition or threat.

For many trout fisherman, this is the most exciting time of the year.  The fish, preoccupied by spawning, seem to loose all concern with threats from either the terrestrial or aquatic world.  This gives us as anglers the opportunity to pursue the largest of trout.

Of course you can target the big boys and girls all year long, but in the Fall the fish are a little more open to the idea of biting your fly in the daylight hours.  During the summer time, you have to night fish to fool any of the biggums; this is because they are actually feeding at that time of year.  Now, all they want to do is make love, and chase away your big yellow and brown streamers fly.

Essentially what I am trying to say is that it is time to break out the six weights, sink tip and five inch streamers that could knock an infant unconscious.  As the water cools, the fish will become more and more comfortable in slower, deeper pools and undercuts.  So get dressed in those wool sweaters and jeans and get out there and hang a hog!

-Rob Lepczyk

Originally posted on the Great Feathers blog as “It’s Here…” 

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