Pickerel On The Fly!

Pickerel Are Heating Up!

Pickerel Are Heating Up! 

The pickerel season is heating up! May is the month, so grab your 6wt and head to your local pickerel waters. Katie Blizzard landed this beautiful fish on a Stryker’s Custom Flies buck-tail minnow. The Pickerel have been slamming buck-tail flies in color variations of white, white & tan, light brown & tan, chartreuse & white, and chartreuse & orange. Be sure to use a short length of bite tippet (we prefer 20 pound fluorocarbon) to avoid breaking off. Their teeth are very sharp, so avoid putting your finger in their mouth and behind their gill plates. Be sure to remove all of your flies with pliers, and de-barb all of your hooks ahead of time to make this process easier–and to protect the health of the fish and the people on your boat.

-Austin Green

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